Cumbria Underwater Hockey

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Thursdays 7.30pm-8.30pm at Carnforth Swimming Pool, LA5 9LS

However, please contact us prior to attending confirm the session is on.

For further enquires please contact, Jane Allan: 07930179902


Learn More about Underwater Hockey and our club.

What is Underwater Hockey?
Underwater Hockey (UWH) is a no-contact sport in which two teams attempt to manoeuvre a puck into the goal of the other team by moving it around the bottom of a swimming pool. Six players from each team are actively playing at any given moment as they compete in two teams totaling 10 players. From a substitution area, the remaining players are continuously brought into the game. The players wait in the water while touching the wall above the goal they are defending while the puck is placed in the centre of the pool. Both sides are allowed to swim wherever in the playing area and attempt to score by moving the puck into their opponents' goal. The moment a player dives to the pool's bottom, they hold their breath. Play continues until either a goal is scored, when players return to their wall to start a new point, or a break in play is signalled by a referee.
Who can play Underwater Hockey?
Underwater hockey is a sport inclusive for children and adults of all ages. As long as an individual can safely swim 25 meters they can participate. We currently have both a male and female team who in time the club will look to have a female team to enter competitions.
How do I join?
You can message us on Facebook or Instagram if you want to join or have any questions.
What benefits does Underwater Hockey have?
Underwater Hockey is a versatile sport, one that engages all the muscles in your body and gives you a full body workout. Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, working to strengthen your heart, improve circulation, lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of a heart attack. Having a healthier heart will also reduce the effort it takes to perform daily activities such as climbing stairs and walking around. For adults swimming is a low impact activity on joints and bones and therefore we have a lot of individuals who can continue this sport as older adults, For younger people, the sport helps create a healthy lifestyle and provides an exercise outlet that engages the body and mind.
I have another question
You can reach us on Instagram and Facebook. Links can be found at the top of the page.